• GREAT Women Inclusive Business (GW-IB),serves as the core feature of the Forum. The program aims to increase the amount of corporate, government and institutional procurement deals secured by women vendors. The size of government, institutional and corporate procurement markets is considerable and represents an untapped opportunity to increase participation in trade for women vendors, either on the micro-enterprise level or the SME level. The GW-IB Program will give emphasis in strengthening collaboration between buyers and women vendors in order to establish fair, professional, mutually beneficial and long-term partnerships.
  • GREAT Women Trade Exchange where the products and services of women entrepreneurs, working with community and micro-enterprises are showcased in a selling space open to the general public.


  • To broaden awareness about the GREAT Women Platform and other related mechanisms to mobilize support from institutional and individual stakeholders to realize the economic empowerment of women in the ASEAN region;
  • To solidify, synergize and organize support from critical stakeholders that will help ensure the sustainability of the Platform
  • To facilitate the forging of concrete business relationships between “buyers” from corporate and government institutions and “vendors” from the ranks of women entrepreneurs;
  • To create an environment that will make it conducive for women entrepreneurs in the micro- and community sector to thrive through access to market, resources, trainings and other critical and essential support; and
  •  To generate public interest to the importance of sourcing and purchasing from women-led MSMEs.

Date: March 2017
Venue: TBC

The GREAT WOMEN connect and trade exchange is an international multi-stakeholder event focused on

  • Inclusive business
  • Market information and analytics
  • Market access and matching
  • Gender investment for ASEAN women entrepreneurs

It is envisioned to be a yearly culmination of provincial and national fora held in each ASEAN country.

The first Summit will be hosted by the Philippines for the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN); and in parallel to the Philippines’ chairmanship of the ASEAN Women Entrepreneur Network (AWEN).

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